Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Red Lion Communications work for my non-profit organization?
A: Yes, Red Lion Communications has developed many successful campaigns for non-profit organizations. We know that your organizations and cause are incredibly important and effect many individuals.

Q: What kinds of sports venues does Red Lion Communications work with?
A: Red Lion Communications works with a variety of sporting organizations. From your local gyms and fields to the international stage, Red Lion can help deliver your message. You can find us in team sports, motorsports, and individual sports.

Q: Does Red Lion Communications work with large-scale events?
A: While we work with national tours, concerts, and large grand-openings, we know your event is just as important. Our team will work with you to make sure your event is flawless.

Q: Is sports marketing only successful for large organizations?
A: The sports marketing industry has found success in companies of all sizes. However, there is not a single strategy that works for everyone. We will make sure that your strategy matches your company, so that sports marketing will work for a company of any size.

Q: I need my project done in a hurry. Will it take a long time if I use Red Lion Communications?
A: Time is money, and we realize that your company cannot afford to wait. We are committed to working quickly, but will never jeopardize quality. We are dedicated to delivering on time, every time.

Red Lion Facts

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